I feel very fortunate to receive customized advice from the friendly and knowledgeable aestheticians at Spa Samana.  They take their time with you and develop a solution that meets your unique skincare needs.  They truly listened to my concerns and suggested products and home care that align with my evolving skincare goals.  Thank you, Spa Samana!  

Jennifer C.  

I had surgery in the spring and was feeling grumpy frumpy and tired. Jennifer helped me with a detox -sweet and clean- to help me recover and get the post surgery medications out of my system. The detox was gentle and rewarding. (Only twice did Jen talk/text me out of eating chips or cheese) So much more energy and down 12 lbs. Yeah Me! and thank you Jennifer!

Leigh Anne L.

Jennifer and her outstanding team are true examples of what everyone in this industry should aspire to be! They strive to perform top-notch service to all their customers. My favorite part about Spa Samana is knowing they are passionate about health, by offering Zuii Organic make-up. Because this makeup is made from FLOWERS(How cool is that?!) It's perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin.I'm obsessed and won't wear any other brand. Spa Samana is going places and I'm sticking by their side. Keep up the great work ya'll:-)