Sugaring hair removal dates back to Ancient Egypt where they used honey and sugar to remove the hair follicle from the root.  A hairless body was standard practice during this ancient time and to this day is still essential for the entire body prior to marriage. 

With prolonged treatments the hairs will become softer, sparser and weaker.  The sugaring treatment method is less painful as it is continued. 

Our sugaring product is vegan, organic and cruelty free.  Containing natural anti-bacterial properties and calendula and chamomile for anti-inflammatory and healing properties. 

Sugaring is water soluble and can be washed off with warm water and can be applied at room temperature to avoid burning the skin. 

Sugaring/Waxing requires at least 1/8 " of hair for the removal process.  It is removed in the same direction of hair growth making it much more gentle on the skin and is less painful for some clients. 

We are also offering Cirépil waxing system that outshines any system out there.  Come try for yourself. This product does contain beeswax. 

Do let your hair grow at least 1/8" prior to your visit.

Do trim your longer and more coarse hair to at least 1/4" if possible prior to your visit. 

Do exfoliate gently 48 hrs after your first visit and up until 48 hrs prior to your first visit. 

Don't exfoliate, swim, exercise, sunbathe, or wear constrictive clothing 48 hrs after your visit.

Don't exfoliate 48 hrs before your visit. 

Do let your skin care therapist know if you have been using any products that contain glycolic, Retinol A or having microdermabrasion peels

Make sure to print out the consent form prior to your visit or arrive 15 minutes early to complete.