Samana, a Sanskrit word, it is one of five vayus, or directions in which energy flows within each one of us.  Known as the breath of balance, samana vayu is a concentrating consolidating force that draws energy inward to one's core, and then processes it to empower all aspects of life, including digestion, vitality, and balance.  In the energetic body, it is associated with the transformative power of the fire element.  So, simply put, samana equals transformation from the inside out. I have always been intrigued by the harmony of life and the subtle influences it poses on us.  The skin isn't only a physical attribute to us, making up approximately 16 percent of our body weight, it also protects us, cools us and detoxifies.  Our skin is living and breathing and takes in 60% +/- what we put on it.  I am a product junkie, but got tired of looking up the ingredients I was putting on my skin and wondering where it came from.  After years of working with other professionals that didn't have the same vision, I decided to branch out on my own.  I've spent years researching and experimenting with different products and finally found a few that speak my language when it comes to not only loving ourselves, but the environment, as well.  We all want to feel good in our own skin.  Life is constantly changing, so does our skin and so should our skin care regime.  Through awareness, education and practice I want to help everyone treat their skin as a part of their wholeness, not just an organ we are wrapped up in.  By bringing balance to our life, we can bring balance to our skin.  Namaste.


Jennifer Fischer, RYT

Owner/Aesthetician, Samana Holistic Center